By the Numbers

CS and ECE have strong traditions for innovation and discovery in tech fields. Together the two departments have over 180 faculty experts who are working with hundreds more graduate and advanced undergraduate students to solve the problems and lead the way in the areas of computer science, computer engineering, and electrical engineering.

Number of Corporate Connection Members: 35

Corporate events hosted by CS and ECE 2016-2017: 156

Student population of CS and ECE (2016-2017):

  • 4133 undergraduates (1787 CS + 1195 CompE + 1151 EE)
  • 1418 graduate students (915 CS + 503 ECE)

Average starting salary for graduates (2015-2016):

  • BS: $92K (CS); $83K (CompE); and $68K (EE)

All of these salary amounts are well above the national averages.

Both departments are consistently ranked in the top 5 nationally. More importantly, both are globally well-respected by fellow educators and by industry. Graduates of the ECE and CS programs are found in the strongest, most well-established companies in the field, as well as in the most innovative and nimble startups.