After Hours

After Hours is an informal career reception for students and company recruiters to connect, network, and socialize.
Students are encouraged to share their journey, project accomplishments, and career aspirations. Recruiters will bring insight into their corporate culture, skills they seek to fill, internships, and job opportunities at this Corporate Connection event.
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After Hours is Monday, September 11, 4-7 PM in the Illini Union.
Make a name tag at check-in and scan a QR code for the program.
Meet the companies who want to hire you in a less formal setting than a typical career fair. Chat with company representatives. Discover the challenges and opportunities that await you. No booths. No collared shirts. Just you, companies who want to hire you, conversation, some food, and some drink. 
After Hours is an exclusive benefit for CS-ECE Corporate Connections industry affiliates program members. 
For more information, email